Vice President -- ScaleEngine

October 2008 - Present

As a founding partner I brought my extensive experience as well as a number of external resources and contacts to the firm that helped get it off the ground. I have personally overseen or executed the design of most all of our products and services, and am responsible for day to day operations and the management of our server clusters.

  • Responsible for day to day operations of server clusters spanning 25 data centre locations in 10 countries and the development and deployment of new products and services.
  • Developed ‘Content Distribution Network" Product. Spreads content efficiently over multiple servers to provide best delivery and balance load while conserving available disk space and reducing wasted bandwidth during convergence operations.
  • Extended CDN product into a full product suite and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solution called ScaleEngine
  • Designed Origin Web Cluster Product based on a reverse-proxy load balancing and acceleration system with back-end process manager. Also developed on-demand video streaming with seeking capabilities for FLV and MP4 containers.
  • Consulting Practice specializing in UNIX based systems, e-commerce, Security Analysis and Disaster Recovery.
  • Developed Internal Security Audit Policy, and Specifications for System Hardening for internal and external systems.

Host -- Jupiter Broadcasting

April 2011 - Present

Co-created and developed TechSNAP, the Systems, Network and Administration Podcast. Host Weekly Podcasts TechSNAP and the Linux Action Show

Lead Systems Engineer -- Waygoz

July 2011 - 2013 (2 years)Toronto, Canada Area

Designed scalable system infrastructure and integrated MySQL and MongoDB. Extensive use to Geo Spacial Indexes for hyper local search functionality. Combination of Transactional (ACID) SQL and NoSQL systems. Extensive bench marking, performance and load testing.

Designed and implemented several reusable code libraries to manage caching with both Memcache and APC.

Scalability Consultant and Chief Architect -- Mohawk College: Applied Research Center

January 2011 - May 2011

OutSmart Trivia Project + Designed and deployed sharded database infrastructure to scale out web application for extreme concurrency. + Developed API and asynchronous message passing interface for platform-agnostic clients + Architected internal asynchronous logic system

Professor -- Mohawk College

December 2007 - December 2010

Taught Network Engineering & Security Analysis courses such as Unix Administration 1&2, Unix Security, Microsoft Server Admin 1, TCP/IP Internetworking, and Web Server Administration.

CEO -- Thunder IT Consulting Inc.

June 2002 - October 2008
  • Setup and manage multiple Unix servers (FreeBSD, RHEL/CentOS)
  • Responsible for all preventative maintenance
  • Manage users and permission/access restrictions
  • Take and process orders, recurring payments
  • Oversee and plan operations for multiple agents and techs
  • Devised and implemented complete disaster recovery plan (using the open source Bacula enterprise network backup system)
  • Constructed custom kernels and firewalls, with traffic shaping
  • Extensive use of IPFW and IPFW2 software firewalls
  • Delegate administrative authority with granularity and precision
  • Monitor security and securing vulnerabilities
  • Manage extensive network connectivity (1200+ IPs, 6 POPs)
  • DNS, Email, SSH, HTTP/HTTPS, IRCd, FTPd Administration
  • Developed PHP/SQL based firewall monitoring and bandwidth accounting system, with rate trigger to report and act autonomously when under attack
  • Custom PHP/SQL programming
  • Managed, maintained and customized OTRS email ticketing system
  • Deployed and administered internal PPTP VPN with 128 bit encryption
  • Rapid deployment of additional server resources and Disaster Recovery
  • Developing Virtualization Reselling System to sell off excess resources
  • Developed SSL pass through system to enable legacy applications to interact over 256bit encrypted SSL/TLS, providing authentication and confidentiality for applications that do not natively support such.
  • Designed and Deployed Internet Café Control system for to allow prepaid access to computer systems with per-minute billing. Included building a Samba based OpenLDAP backed Windows-NT style domain controller integrated with the website front-end. Customers create an account on the website, and use that to authenticate against the windows pseudo domain. Users who run out of time in their account are logged off the system after 2 warnings.

Education -- Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Network Engineer & Security Analyst
2003 - 2006

Course Description: Graduates of this program will have the skills necessary to install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software, as well as be able to install and manage Local Area Networks.

  • Cisco Networking (Router, Switch and PIX Firewall)
  • Network Security, Exploits and System Hardening
  • Automated Microsoft Administration (WSH, VB script, Active Directory)
  • Linux/Unix Administration
  • Email Administration (Exchange, Domino, Postfix/Dovecot)
  • TCP/IP, WAN and Wireless Setup and Administration
  • Web Server Administration (IIS, Apache2)
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Award: 2006: Graduate with Honors from Full (3 year) Program
  • Award: 2005: Graduate with Honors from 2 year Program
  • Award: 2004,2005,2006: Dean's List (85%+ Average)
  • Award: 2004: General Academic Excellence Award